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Legislation & Advocacy

Colorado Community Corrections Coalition agency members believe in the importance and value of advocating for and with our friends, neighbors, and loved ones who interact with the correctional system. 

If you're a legislator, please contact the Coalition's lobbyist, Emma Hudson at, for information about the Coalition's policy positions.

If you're a participant in Colorado's Community Corrections system, we encourage you to advocate for yourself by speaking to your program staff about any questions or concerns you may have. If your questions or concerns remain unanswered, please reach out

If you have a friend or loved one in the Community Corrections system, feel free to reach out to staff at the Community Corrections facility they're in to discuss your questions or concerns. View the membership directory and membership map for contact information. 

If you're interested in legislation impacting people in the correctional system, you can view past and present legislation here

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