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Community corrections has the power to change lives, reduce violence, and help build communities.

Colorado Community Corrections Coalition (CCCC) members believe all Coloradans have the power to transform their lives for the better and, that the positive transformation of any of us results in greater safety and growth for all. In order to provide the best possible support for our friends and neighbors seeking another chance, CCCC's mission is to provide an opportunity for Community Corrections professionals to collaborate, learn from each other, and to provide our expertise to those in the criminal justice arena seeking better insight into Community Correction services. By sharing our expertise we strive to support our members in their efforts to serve their communities by enhancing public safety, delivering effective correctional treatment, and utilizing the latest evidence-based, best practices in the field.

We work closely with policymakers and the criminal justice system to maintain quality programs and encourage the expansion of Community Corrections as a viable alternative to incarceration.

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