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These links provide contact information for all state Representatives and Senators.
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Who is My Elected Official

If you don’t know who your elected officials are Project Vote Smart has a feature on its website where you can type in your zip code (including the 4 digit extension) and get information on your federal and state elected officials and what district you live in.
Project Vote Smart

How to Track a Bill

The Colorado General Assembly’s webpage has up-to-date information on the status of bills during the legislative session as well as other information pertaining to the legislative process. You can also access state statutes from this site. It can be complicated to track a bill on line, so CCJRC prepared an outline for how to use this site.
Colorado General Assembly

How to Use the General Assembly Website

Author: CCJRC
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How a Bill Becomes Law

The legislative process can be quite complicated. The following is information to help you better understand this process both at the state and federal level.

Project Vote Smart

How a Bill Becomes a Law in Colorado
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